Wednesday, January 7, 2009

j. cash

bad luck wind been blowin' at my back
i was born to bring trouble to wherever i'm at
got the ghosts tattooed on my neck
when the ink start to itch then the black will turn to red
i was born in the soul of misery
pray you don't look at me, pray i don't look back
got a long line of heartache i carry it well
the list of lives i've broken reaches from here to hell
i was born in the soul of misery

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Anonymous said...

On the slow train time does not interfere & at the Abrabian crossing waits White Heap, the hundred Inevitables, the Cream Judge and the Clown...Autumn points to the slow train & prays for rain and for time to interfere- she is not extremely fat but rather progressively unhappy...the hundred Inevitables hide their predictions & go to bars & drink & get drunk in their very special conscious way. When Cream Judge met Savage Rose & Fixable, he was introduced to them by Lifelessness - the Great Enemey and always wears a hipguard - Lifelessness said when introducing everybody "go save the world" & "involvement!that's the issue" & Savage Rose winked at the Cream & went off with her arm in a sling sinigng "summertime & the Living is easy".....Paul Sargent, a plainsclothes man from 4th street, says to the college kid who's read all about Nietzsche "You wanna buy some clothes kid?" & they go out of the bar & up to Harlem & singing about THE WIPE OUT GANG- THE WIPE OUT GANG buys, owns & operates the Insanity Factory...if you don't know where it is, take two steps to the right, paint your teeth & go to sleep.