Wednesday, July 14, 2010


... Maude was stretched out on her back, Elsie squatting over her on bent knees, her head facing Maude's crack. I was on my knees, giving it to Elsie from behind. Maude was playing with my balls, a light, delicate manipulation with the finger tips. I could feel Maude squirming around as Elsie licked her furiously and avidly. There was a weird pale light playing over the room and the taste of cunt in my mouth. I had one of those final erections which threaten never to break. Now and then I took it out and, pushing Elsie forward, I sank down farther and offered it to Maude's nimble tongue. Then I would sink it in again and Elsie would squirm like mad and bury her nozzle in Maude's crotch, shaking her head like a terrier. Finally I pulled out and pushing Elsie aside I fell on Maude and buried it in her with a vengeance. "Do it, do it!" she begged, as if she were waiting for the ax. Again I felt Elsie's tongue on my balls. Then Maude came, like a star bursting, with a volley of half-finished words and phrases rippling off her tongue. I pulled away, still stiff as a poker, fearful now that I would never come again, and groped for Elsie. She was terribly gooey, and her mouth was just like a cunt now. "Do you want it?" I said, shoving it around inside her like a drunken fiend. "Go on, fuck, fuck!" she cried, slinging her legs up over my shoulders and dragging her bottom closer. "Give it to me, give it to me, you bugger!" She was almost yelling now. "Yes, I'll fuck you... I'll fuck you!" and she squirmed and withered and twisted and bit and clawed me.


carlovely said...

did you write this?
(if so - bravo, sir)

jeanguy said...

"Jesus" i said standing astraddle over her, and the sperm still coming out, dropping on her breast, her face, her hair, "Jesus Christ, I'm exhausted, I'm fucked out, do you know that?" I addressed myself to the room.

sakuraness said...

H.M. was a better pornographer than a philosopher.