Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i am a sick man...i am a spiteful man. an unattractive man. i think my liver hurts. but actually, i don't know a damn thing about my illness. i am not even sure what it is that hurts. i am not in treatment and never have been, although i respect both medicine and doctors. besides, i am superstitious in the extreme; well, at least to the extent of respecting medicine. (iam sufficiently educated not to be superstitious, but i am.) no, sir, i refuse to see a doctor simply out of spite. now, that is something that you probably will fail to understand. well, i understand
it. naturally, i will not be able to explain to you precisely whom i will injure in this instance by my spite. i know perfectly well that i am certainly not giving the doctors a "dirty deal" by not seeking treatment. i know better than anyone that i will only harm myself by this, and no one else, and yet, if i don't seek a cure, it is out of spite. my liver hurts? good, let it hurt still more!


Anonymous said...

Ah Simon...
Es-tu sûr que c'est ton foie qui te fait souffrir ?
N'est ce pas plutôt le fait que tu aies perdu la foi ?

non croyante

Anonymous said...

Hey, what translation of Notes on Underground did you use here?